Applied Information Sciences

Statistical Science of Complex Systems D12

  • Prof. Atsushi Yoshimoto
  • Assoc. Prof. Fumikazu Miwakeichi
  • Assoc. Prof. Shinsuke Koyama
KeywordsSpatio-temporal analysis, Time Series Analysis, Stochastic Control Analysis, Resource Growth Analysis, Neural data analysis

Statistical and mathematical modeling in the complex systems and its applications

Our research focuses on statistical and mathematical models for predicting and controlling natural and socio-economic resource change within deterministic and stochastic frameworks. Through field survey, we conduct research on sustainable resource management as a socio-economic system. One of our current projects concerns risk evaluation and economic analysis of sustainable forest resource management (Fig. 2). (Yoshimoto)


One of my current projects is methodological study of spatio-temporal analysis based on data driven approach and its application to the neural data. Though recent progress in measurement techniques offers detailed spatio-temporal information, statistical method has not been well developed to detect significant biological activations in low S/N ratio data. We have been investigating statistical time series model for this purpose and causal model to quantify functional connectivity between regions(Fig. 1). (Miwakeichi)


I am interested in discovering the structures and patterns that are essential for understanding various phenomena observed in natural and social systems. For this purpose, I have been developing mathematical and statistical methodology based on stochastic modeling and Bayesian analysis. My current research ranges over a variety of topics: neural spike trains, gene regulatory networks, social and economic networks, quantum information, and mud pulse telemetry. (Koyama)

  • Detected astrocyte (green) and temporal changing to the inspiratory neural activation (red) in the brain stem

  • Invasive species spread by cellular automaton and its control