Applied Information Sciences

Information Network Systems D08

  • Prof. Takuo Suganuma      
  • Assoc. Prof. Hideaki Goto    
  • Assoc. Prof. Takaaki Mizuki      
KeywordsElectromagnetic Compatibility, Information security, Information network systems

Towards reliable and secure network systems

The professors of the laboratory belong to the Cyberscience Center which carries out management and promotion of information infrastructure of Tohoku University, and the followings are related research fields.

(1)  EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and electromagnetic information security

Electromagnetic emanation from ICT equipment might cause information leakage which dilutes confidentiality of secret information. Our experimental and computational studies include unintended electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic emanation of cryptographic module and other communication systems. Related measurement study is contact performance degradation of transmission cable connector which affects on information integrity and electromagnetic information emanation.

(2)  Theoretical foundations of information security

We study fundamentals of cryptography, which are increasingly important. Specifically, we are carrying out research on constructing information-theoretically secure cryptosystems such as protocols for secure computations using a deck of cards and methods for sharing secret keys from partially leaked pre-shared information.

(3)  Operation/management plan and application services of information networks

Research and development on these topics are included in the activity of the Center.

  • Outline of our research

  • Secure computations using a deck of cards