Applied Information Sciences

Applied Intelligence Software D07

  • Assoc. Prof. Toru Abe    
KeywordsHuman-Harmonic Information Communication Infrastructure, Cyber-Physical System, Cyber-Real Space Integration, Intelligent Image Processing

Human-harmonic Information Communication Infrastructure

In recent years, information communication systems tend to be large and complex ones composed of clouds, the Internet, many kinds of sensors, edge networks, hand-held devices, etc. In order to utilize these systems effectively in our daily lives, "Human-harmonic Information Communication Infrastructure," which is based on a new design paradigm beyond user-centered computing, should be essential. We are promoting research and development to establish communication environments where each entity in human societies and environments performs high level mutual collaboration.

To utilize many kinds of entities such as computers, devices, networks, software components, etc, we have proposed methods for acquiring the states of users / environments from images and introducing them into the entities. The human-harmonic information communication infrastructure can be constructed with the cooperative behavior of the entities. Based on these methods, we are developing the design methodology and middleware for cyber-physical integration systems, the advanced multimedia information processing technologies, and also investigating several application systems such as cyber-real integrated spaces, disaster-resistant information communication systems, smart city, etc.

  • Pedestrian tracking from video images while estimating obstacle areas in the scene

  • Detecting human-object interaction based on the motion distribution around a hand