Applied Information Sciences

Physical Fluctuomatics D01

  • Prof. Kazuyuki Tanaka      
  • Assis. Prof. Manaka Okuyama      
KeywordsSparse Modeling, Machine Learning, Bayesian Optimization, Optimization Problem, Quantum Annealing, Quantum Computation

Physics + Information Processing = Intelligent computation

Machine learning is like the magic mirror from Snow White—except it's real. Computers today are capable of predicting our future by constructing logical relationships between the data and deciphering undiscovered rules behind them. Tanaka-Ohzeki Laboratory strives to make this modern magic accessible to everyone.
The foundation of these technologies is a mathematical problem called optimization problem. They are often hidden in our quotidian activities and appear in different forms. As the competition for developing the next generation of computing technology intensifies across the globe, solving these optimization problems that pursue maximized efficiency has become a constant endeavor. At Tanaka-Ohzeki Lab, we incorporate physical principles into these computational algorithms—one of which is called quantum annealing. Quantum annealing is an optimization method that utilizes quantum effects.
In collaboration with enterprises and institutions across industries, Tanaka-Ohzeki Laboratory is at the forefront of educating both machines and our society through the world's leading research and engineering techniques. We invite you to join our adventurous research and development of this evolving, cutting-edge science that seeks the essence of learning.
  • Quantum annealing for route optimization

  • Quantum annealing for graph coloring