Human-Social Information Sciences

Media and Information Literacy C15

  • Prof. Tatsuya Horita      
  • Assis. Prof. Taku Kawada  
KeywordsMedia, Communication, Cultural Studies, Media Literacy, Information Literacy, Media Education, Disaster Information

Consider Media and Education that Support the Highly Informationalized Society

With the development of information technology, society is rapidly becoming informed.
Today, as new media emerge with new information technology, we should be smart consumers of information, and we need to initiatively and autonomously participate in media society. It is our urgent task to examine the relationship between our global and local media society and our/their culture as well as to promote our media and information literacy and its education.
In order to respond to academically examine the way of media that supports a society rapidly become informationalized, our laboratory makes researches with (1) critical view, (2) practical attitude, and (3) collaborative dialog.
And we are conducting researches focusing on (A) various categories including history, ideology, culture, art and design in relation to the contemporary media society and media communication and (B) media and information literacy and its education and training support.
It is necessary to observe accumulated knowledge and philosophy of media and culture and to practice actively in actual society. For that purpose, we should have a sincere attitude to this fluctuating and influential media as a research subject, on the assumption of merging theory and practice, digital and analogue, as well as different positions and aspects.
  • Research Perspective of Media Studies

  • Media Education in Elementary Schools