Human-Social Information Sciences

Media and Information Literacy C15

  • Assoc. Prof. Toru Nagahama  
KeywordsInformation Literacy, Media Literacy, Media Education, ICT and Information Education, ICT-based Education, Online Education, Learning Analytics

Consider the nurturing of information literacy as it is transformed by the advancement of information and communication technologies.

 In this laboratory, we are engaged in research on (1) the development of methodologies and educational contents that contribute to improving the quality of education through the active use of advancing information and communication technologies, (2) proposals for future literacy in media and information and methods to foster it, (3) operational issues such as governance in policies and educational institutions and educational programs for fostering leaders to realize these issues. We are promoting learning analytics through cross-disciplinary collaboration with fields such as psychology, neuroscience, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and mathematical data science. In recent years, we have been working on research themes such as automatic generation of questions using AI and big data analysis of learning logs. Through these efforts, we aim to promote interdisciplinary research on educational data, including the data that have not been often analyzed in conventional educational research (e.g., data obtained through sensing, big data, etc.), and to return the results of our research to society.
  • Media Education in Sendai Shirayuri Gakuen Elementary School