Human-Social Information Sciences

Media and Culture C14

  • Assoc. Prof. Naoko Morita    
  • Senior Assis. Prof. Kuniko Sakata    
KeywordsMedia, Communication, Representation, Media Contents, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Disaster Information

Considering Contemporary Media Society / Reading Media Texts and Contents

With the development of information technology, society is highly informed. As new media emerge with new information technology, we are no more only information receivers but need to initiatively and autonomously participate in media society. Thus it becomes more important to examine cultural and ideological background of our global/local media society than ever. 

In order to academically examine the way of media that supports contemporary information society, Sakata laboratory makes research on contemporary media and communication, focusing on history, ideology, culture, art, design and disaster information, with (1) critical view, (2) practical attitude, and (3) collaborative dialog.

The research subject of Morita laboratory is media contents analysis. We consider from high arts and literature to popular culture, focusing on characteristics and possibilities of each media. We also attach importance to social and political contexts of the cultural production and consumption, including those across linguistic, national, cultural boundaries. 

  • Media Workshop (by Sakata)

  • Visit to an exhibition of cartoonists' original drawings with regular seminar members