Human-Social Information Sciences

Regional and Urban Planning C12

  • Prof. Tatsuhito Kono      
  • Assoc. Prof. Junya Fukumoto    
  • Senior Assis. Prof. Mariko Nakagawa    
  • Assis. Prof. Wan Tzu Lo  
KeywordsProject evaluation, Urban/regional planning process and policy, Urban/transport planning

Regional and urban planning for desirable society and economic growth

We study a) infrastructure planning and policies that lead to a sustainable and better society, and b) planning process of urban and regional policies. Our interests are to understand the spatial interdependences between urban activities and infrastructure systems, and to apply such implications to practical infrastructure and regional policies. Our approach is interdisciplinary, and we use the theory and techniques of urban and regional economics, econometrics, game theory, operation research, geography and so on. Our current themes are to explore:

  1. land use regulations, which affects the social welfare through the change in the population distribution in an urban area;
  2. impacts of land taxation and land use regulation on the urban land use pattern
  3. project evaluation, which practically measures the welfare change in terms of observable variables, focusing on the spatial and dynamic aspects;
  4. efficient budget collecting through user charge and tax;
  5. methodologies to understand the regional structures visually and heuristically from data on spatial interaction and agglomeration;
  6. efficient emergency logistics systems during the disaster response phase.
  • Optimal Floor Area Ratio (FAR) and Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) in closed and open cities

  • Land tax and agricultural land conversion