Human-Social Information Sciences

Transportation and Geographic Information Science C11

  • Prof. Masao Kuwahara
  • Assoc. Prof. Ryo Inoue
  • Assis. Prof. Yohsuke Kawasaki
KeywordsTraffic Data Analysis, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Traffic Flow Analysis, Traffic Control, GIScience, Spatial Statistical Analysis

Integration, dynamic analysis, and visualization of spatiotemporal data for advanced urban and mobility management

This group consists of Kuwahara laboratory and Inoue laboratory.

Kuwahara laboratory deals with both theoretical and empirical researches based on various traffic sensing data to realize better urban mobility system by resolving congestion, environmental and safety problems. The main features of our approaches are (1) “dynamic analysis” that can reveal essential nature of traffic phenomena, and (2) "data fusion analysis" of different kinds of sensing data. Specifically, we develop data fusion techniques utilizing conventional traffic detector and advanced sensing data such as prove vehicle, GPS mobile, bluetooth, twitter data, etc. We then apply them to the following applications: traffic monitoring under disasters, traffic management in local cities as well as Asian cities, information propagation through a social network, advanced mobility management using ITS. We also develop traffic simulation model that can evaluate impacts of the managements.


Inoue laboratory develops methods that analyze and share spatio-temporal data. In recent years, we have gained significant access to various data, on national and local ones from the past and the present. These data would play an important role for the citizens to develop consensus and make decisions upon envisioning regional development. This laboratory aims to nurture an information friendly environment for the citizens to be part of planning better future, though developing methods that enable easy access of spatio-temporal data.

  • Left: Real time visualization of probe and weather data Right: In advance alert of traffic failure under disasters

  • Proposal for information service of real estate property values