Human-Social Information Sciences

Transportation and Geographic Information Science C11

  • Prof. Takamasa Iryo      
  • Assoc. Prof. Ryo Inoue      
KeywordsTransport Network Analysis, Transport Big-data, Traffic Simulation, GIScience, Spatial Statistical Analysis

Integration, dynamic analysis, and visualization of spatiotemporal data for advanced urban and mobility management

This group consists of Iryo laboratory and Inoue laboratory.


In Iryo laboratory, we are conducting various studies on observations in road traffic systems and mathematical analysis and numerical calculations required for utilising the observed data. Needless to say, road infrastructure is an important public good indispensable for industries and our lives. With the rise of advanced technologies such as MaaS (Mobility as a Service), CV (Connected Vehicle), and autonomous driving, the use of road infrastructure is about to change significantly. There is a growing need for more academic and practical research in advanced spatial planning sciences to maximise the potential of road infrastructure by properly utilising these technologies. For this purpose, we are conducting various researches on three aspects, i.e. theory, observation, and calculation. For example, we have conducted mathematical analyses of traffic congestion on the road traffic network, have developed methodologies for analysing transport big-data such as probe-vehicle data and a large-scale parallelised traffic flow simulator implemented on HPC (High Performance Computer).


Inoue laboratory develops methods that analyze and share spatio-temporal data. In recent years, we have gained significant access to various data, on national and local ones from the past and the present. These data would play an important role for the citizens to develop consensus and make decisions upon envisioning regional development. This laboratory aims to nurture an information friendly environment for the citizens to be part of planning better future, though developing methods that enable easy access of spatio-temporal data.

  • Large-scale traffic simulation in a Kanto road network

  • Proposal for information service of real estate property values