Human-Social Information Sciences

Regional Econometric Analysis C10

  • Assoc. Prof. Naoya Fujiwara      
Keywordscomplex networks, nonlinear science, spatial information science, mathematical engineering

Viewing society, economy, and regions, with network science, mathematical models, and nonlinear science

Recently, development of the mobile devices enabled us to achieve various detailed data associated with our society and economy. Information sciences can devise analyzing such social data. Our research group focuses on various topics from data analysis to modelling based on network science, mathematical models, and nonlinear science. Some research topics are listed as follows:
1) Co-evolution model of cities and roads
2) Spatio-temporal network analysis of human mobility
3) Modelling the spread of infectious diseases and epidemiologica data analysis
The topic 1) is a central issue in various research fields such as spatial economics. We propose a new modelling framework with the real data based on the network theory, and study its mathematical aspect. In 2), we apply the network analysis methods to geospatial data. Our scope is not restricted to modelling and data analysis, but also on collaborated works with researchers on public health such as the topic 3). The goal of this research is to give practical implications for the prevention of infectious diseases.
Students, who are interested in one of the above research topics and interdisciplinary researches, are highly welcome.
  • Schematic figure of the research topics.

  • Change in populations before and after COVID-19 pandemic based on mobile spatial statistic