Human-Social Information Sciences

Socio-Economic Analysis of Urban System C09

  • Prof. Dao-Zhi Zeng      
  • Assoc. Prof. Ryo Itoh      
  • Assis. Prof. Yang Zhang    
KeywordsSpatial economics, Industrial agglomeration, Globalization, Equilibrium, International trade, Urban economics, Game theory, Policy analysis

Economic Mechanisms of City Formation and Agglomeration

Today, many people live in cities, affecting each other, and enjoy various economy of urbanization. Moreover, cities, with transportation and other networks, constitute a large system with flow of goods, service, and people among them. Focusing on the theory of city and industrial agglomeration, this research group is devoted to clarify the structure and the dynamic evolving process of spatial economy including city, region, and international trade. We are also interested in the related policy analysis. For this purpose, as one of the characteristics of our research group, interdisciplinary approach called 'regional science' is employed to tackle with the widespread city problems from local conflict to global issues. The main discipline to be employed includes urban economics, regional economics, international economics, and OR. The current main research topics are as follows.

Spatial economics

We aim to clarify the economic mechanisms of international trade, city formation and industrial agglomeration. We are interested in not only theoretic research but also its applications in more realistic problems such as regional competition and cooperation.

Networks and location incentives

We analyze how the network information of supply chain, transportation, geography, etc. is used for local governments to make policies of attracting firms to activate their economic activities.

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