Human-Social Information Sciences

Visual Cognition C03

  • Prof. Kazumichi Matsumiya (concurrently)      
  • Assoc. Prof. Yuichi Wada    
  • Assis. Prof. Ryo Tachibana    
Keywordshuman cognition, text and image recognition, psychology of computer use

Investigation of the characteristics and functions of human cognitive processin

Our laboratory conducts research on a variety of cognitive processing characteristics, such as perceptual processes (the mechanisms behind the five senses) and attention (sorting of sensory information), memory, language comprehension, and image, etc., mainly using methods of experimental psychology. Additionally, we conduct research on various issues in psychology utilizing computers. Notable research subject areas include the following.

Psychophysics of Visual Perception and Action

Humans move their body parts in the outside world frequently, and recognize the outside world through multiple senses such as vision and touch. Based on the recognition, humans can perform complex, efficient and various actions. We are working on the purpose of experimentally clarifying the principles and functions of human’s adaptable information processing using the virtual reality system.


Cognitive psychology research related to visual recognition and communication

This topic concerns the empirical verification of how we perceive diverse visual images and texts, and what kinds of emotions and motivations are derived through it. We are working on empirical research focusing primarily on manga, web design, words, and sentences, etc., using eye tracking and psychophysical methods.


Research concerning the psychological influences of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) utilization on its users

The purpose of this research is to investigate the effects of using ICT devices, such as personal computers (PCs), tablets and smartphones, as well as internet search, e-mails and social networking services (SNS), on one’s quality of life and mental health.

  • Eye tracking data of reading text (left) and manga (right).

  • Computer use and the elderly.