Human-Social Information Sciences

Human Learning and Memory C02

  • Assoc. Prof. Chihiro Hosoda    
Keywordsneuroimaging, Individual difference, education, motivation

Research to elucidate individual differences in abilities and thinking characteristics through brain measurements and to develop methods to extend them

Our laboratory is focused on a variety of cognitive and psychological factors, such as language ability and well-being, and elucidate the characteristics of brain structures and functional networks that produce individual differences in these factors. Cognitive and psychological factors measured include language-skill, programming, reading, number processing, three-dimensional cognition, and other abilities. General cognitive factors are also measured such as grit, logical thinking, creativity, and well-being.
Our laboratory use MRI, electroencephalography, and NIRS to measure the brain, and analyze the mechanisms of individual differences in both brain structure and brain function. In addition, Our laboratory is conducting research to elucidate the influence of parents on the characteristics and abilities of their children and to develop methods to develop such abilities, while measuring daily psychological and activity levels, changes in abilities. Our laboratory also reseach about what kind of intervention methods can be used to develop them in subjects from infants to the elderly.
  • Developed left frontal pole cortex with organized fibre connectivity in Achievers.

  • Scene of EEG measurement