System Information Sciences

Intelligent Control Systems B10

  • Prof. Koichi Hashimoto      
  • Assoc. Prof. Shingo Kagami      
  • Assis. Prof. Akihiko Yamaguchi      
KeywordsVisual Servo, High-Speed Vision, Robot, Image Processing, System Biology

Integration of vision, control measurement technology for society

Our goal is to achieve intelligent and flexible control of high-speed sensory-motor systems. Our research activities involve both theoretical and practical studies such as visual servoing, high-speed vision systems, control theory, system theory, and system biology.

1.Visual Servoing

Visual servoing is a framework in which vision process and robot dynamics are combined and formulated as a unified dynamical system. Our interests include image feature extraction techniques suitable for feedback control, and robot-camera system configuration robust against camera calibration errors. We also provide a visual tracking method that is robust to deformation and a visual servoing method that is robust to occlusion.

2.High-Speed Vision Systems

To achieve high-speed vision applications such as robot control, we design and implement high-speed vision systems with frame rates over 1000 fps and develop high-speed sensing applications such as user interfaces and entertainment systems. Real-time networks for various distributed sensors including high-speed vision systems are also investigated.

3.System Ethological Application

Ethology is the study of animal behavior. Our objective is to analyze the neural system that cause behavior change using model animals like nematoda (C. elegans) or fruit flies (Drosophilidae). We are developing systems for observing and analyzing the neural activities in these animals using high-speed vision and robotics.

  • 3D cell tracking and fluorescent microscope system.

  • High-speed projection mapping system