System Information Sciences

Natural Language Processing B06

  • Prof. Kentaro Inui      
  • Assoc. Prof. Ryoko Tokuhisa  
  • Assoc. Prof. Keisuke Sakaguchi    
  • Assis. Prof. Sho Yokoi      
  • Assis. Prof. GALVAN SOSA DIANA  
Keywordsnatural language processing, artificial intelligence, communication science

Natural Language Processing and Communication Science

The most important media for communication are the languages that we use everyday. In this lab, we conduct fundamental research on deep language understanding by computers and applied research to support intelligent communication or information analysis for the benefit of society. The fields of our research include natural language processing, artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, and communication science.

Deep understanding of language requires great intelligence for inferring what happens and why from text. The biggest problem is that the common-sense knowledge required for inference is decidedly lacking. However, this problem has begun to look solvable by gathering common-sense knowledge from vast collections of texts on the Internet. We are investigating the possibility that natural language processing could lead to a breakthrough to artificial intelligence.

We are also pursuing the development of text-based information editing technology that automates and supports high-level editing of information and knowledge for a broad range of applications including credibility analysis, big data mining, knowledge management, and crisis management.

  • Essential components towards language understanding AI

  • Explainable reasoner based on full integration of symbolism and connectionism