System Information Sciences

Statistical Mathematics B03

  • Prof. Yuko Araki  
  • Assoc. Prof. Utako Yamamoto
Keywordsstatistical science, data science, functional data analysis, biostatistics, information criterion, multivariate analysis, high-dimensional data, multi-level model, machine learning

Statistical Mathematics –Theory and application of statistical science –

Statistical Mathematics ‒Theory and application of statistical science‒
Statistical mathematics is an essential field for scientific research. Researchers in this discipline develop methods and conduct applied research to effectively extract useful information and patterns from data using mathematics. Mathematics serves as a common language for science and enables researchers to deal with regularities and uncertainties in data.
Functional data analysis
Functional data analysis deals with diverse and complex data, especially that involving functions, shapes, and images. Our research interests consist of building statistical models via regularization, sparse estimation, basis expansions, nonlinear multivariate analysis, Bayesian methods, information criteria, etc. for functional data.
Biostatistics is research area to evaluate mathematically uncertainty of people's health based on their examination data, and to provide medical staffs with scientific and possible instructions to diagnose their examinee's disease and conduct medical treatment.
  • Composite basis functions (Araki et al. 2019): Basis functions with sparse singular value decomposition

  • 75th quantile curves estimated by the Bayesian nonparametric quantile mixed-effects models (Tanabe, Araki et al. 2022)