Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Advanced Computing Systems A19

  • Prof. Kentaro Sano    
  • Prof. Mitsuhisa Sato    
KeywordsComputing systems, Post-Moore era, architectures, system software

Pursuing Advanced Computing Systems for Post-Moore era

 We research the principles, methodologies, and designs of both hardware and software which allow us to successively improve performance, usability, and productivity of computing systems even in the Post-Moore era where semiconductor scaling becomes difficult or impossible due to the limitation of the Moore's law. Regarding hardware, we research novel computing principles and architectures which are appropriate in the Post-Moore era, starting with supercomputer "Fugaku" which is the cutting-edge high-performance computing system, and considering promising future advancement of semiconductor, packages, and communication technologies.
 In the software field, we will explore how to develop software that takes advantage of advanced computer systems consisting of new computational principles and computer architectures. Unlike current computers that execute all processes on a single architecture computer, advanced computing systems need to allocate computing resources of the appropriate architecture according to the characteristics of calculations. We will study programming frameworks and execution mechanisms to automate this assignment and provide users with productive programming environments.
  • System-wide spatial custom computing model and system architecture example for the model.

  • Advanced computing system with adaptive allocation of computing resources in a system.