Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Fundamental Data Informatics A18

  • Prof. Yoshinori Hayakawa    
  • Assoc. Prof. Takashi Mitsuishi    
  • Assis. Prof. Emi Yuda
  • Assis. Prof. Tomoya Ohyama  
KeywordsData Science, Complex Systems, Behavior Analysis, Learning Analytics

Data Science Approach to Information in Complex Systems

We study information-theoretic frameworks and its applications to unravel the valuable information from the data collected and generated from complex and diverse natural phenomena, social phenomena and human activities, especially cases that are transient and difficult to process routinely.  
(1) Collective dynamics and information theory of complex systems: 
 Looking at a flock of birds and fish, they behave in a complex way, as if they were a single multicellular organism, exhibiting a well-organized movement or sometimes changing the state disorderly. We are trying to reveal the information-theoretic structure and the control mechanisms of collective motion in the group of animals based on the field measurement data. We are also interested in other examples of complex phenomena including biological systems as the research subjects.
(2) Learning analytics in IT education and e-learning:
 To practice effective education with IT or e-learning, it is necessary to improve instruction and educational contents based on evidence. So, we investigate every different learning activities and model them through developing applications and tools for actual educational fields. We also study on methodology of analytics for these learning activities. 

(3) Bio-medical big data analysis:
 Various bio-signals are accumulated as big data, it is important to solve technical and ethical problems for use. We analyze bio-medical time-series data such as ECG, pulse wave and acceleration for development new evaluation method.
  • Field measurement of flock of birds

  • Smartphone application for language learning and a tool for exploratory learning analytics