Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Communication Theory A14

KeywordsInformation Network Architecture, IoT, Mobile Network, Network System Optimization

Information network architecture for IoT era

Information network systems are now ubiquitously spread in the world to support everyday life and social activities of people, and it becomes a key factor to create new lifestyles and society. However, the Internet has become high-speed and large-scale without changing its basic architecture since its birth in the 1960s. With the advent of the IoT society, huge numbers of devices and new useful information network systems which could not have been considered before will be connected to the information network, which will expose architectural limitations.
 In this laboratory, we aim at realizing a new information network architecture for resolving such problems. In particular, we undertake research on high-performance and highly-available information network, system design and control mechanism of virtualized network, IoT and mobile network design, knowledge-based network middleware and its application, highly-resilient and intelligent networking, next generation ubiquitous service infrastructure, etc. We do not evaluate only whether it will be useful immediately or not but clarify theoretical and mathematical principles to explain why it works and aim at a social implementation of a new network environment.
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