Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Computer Structures A08

  • Prof. Takafumi Aoki    
  • Assoc. Prof. Koichi Ito      
KeywordsHigh-performance and Secure Computing,Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision

Challenges toward new computing paradigms

1.  High-performance and secure computing

We are studying future computer architectures for creating an advanced ubiquitous computing environment. Our interests include algorithms for high-performance computing, secure embedded systems, EDA (Electronic Design Automation) technology for designing next-generation system LSIs, and practical threats to cryptosystems and their countermeasures. We are also active in creating future computing paradigms such as high security LSI computing, beyond-binary computing based on multiple-valued logic, ultra-low-power computing using single-electron devices, and molecular-scale computing.

2.  Image/video processing and computer vision

We are developing new methodologies for image/video processing and computer vision. We propose a high-accuracy image recognition technique based on phase-based image matching to develop a variety of applications especially in the areas of biometric authentication (fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, 3D face recognition, etc.), 3D human interface, high-speed machine vision for industrial and vehicle applications, nano-scale image sensing, etc. We are also carrying out strategic researches with industrial partners on many subjects such as object-based video processing and communication/display systems based on MR (Mixed Reality) concepts.

  • Secure embedded systems in collaboration with academic and industrial partners

  • Applications of phase-based image matching to computer vision, biometrics and image recognition