Curriculum and Qualifications for Application

International students at Tohoku University engage in their studies from one of the following six programs.

1. Undergraduate Program

This is a four-year course in all faculties with the exception of six-year courses of the Medical Department of the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry, and the Pharmacy Department of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.Students are required to take subjects in the General Studies Program and those who have completed the program and obtained the credits required for the course will receive a bachelor's degree.

Qualifications for Admission :

Admission to this program is limited to those who have completed a regular twelve-year school education or its equivalent.

2. Graduate Program

The graduate program is a five-year doctor's course. When students complete the first-two-year program of this course, they will receive a master's degree; upon completion of the remaining three-year program, they will be awarded a doctor's degree. Students may choose to terminate their studies following the master's program. However, the Graduate Schools of Medicine and Dentistry have only the four-year course. Graduate students are granted a master's degree(shushi-go)after completing the two-year course and a doctor's degree(hakushi-go)after completing the subsequent three-year course, or the four-year course in the Graduate Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.

Qualifications for Admission

  1. The two-year Master's Course
    Admission to this course is limited to those who have completed sixteen-years of education or its equivalent
  2. The three-year Doctor's Course
    Admission to this course is limited to those who have obtained a degree equivalent to a master's conferred at a Japanese university.
  3. The four-year Doctor's Course in Medical Sciences and Dentistry
    Admission to the doctor's course in medicine or in dentistry is limited to those who have completed eighteen-years of education or its equivalent.

3. Research Student Program

This is a non-degree program open to students who intend to engage in the study of a particular subject. Research students are classed into the following three categories:

  1. Undergraduate research students
  2. Research students affiliated with research institutes or with other facilities
  3. Graduate research students

Qualifications for Admission

  1. Undergraduate research students and research students affiliated with research institutes of other facilities
    Admission is given to those who have completed sixteen years of education in a foreign country other than Japan.
  2. Graduate research student
    Admission is limited to those who have completed a course at a foreign institution which is equivalent to the master's degree program in Japan.

4. Special Auditing Students and Special Research Students

Special Auditing Students(Tokubetsu chokogakusei)and Special Research Students(Tokubetsu kenkyugakusei)from higher educational institutions will be admitted to take courses at Tohoku University under the University consortium mutual-exchange agreement.(JYPE students are included under Special Auditing Students status.)

5. Japanese Language Program(Intensive Japanese Language Courses)

This is a six-month program of basic training in Japanese. Admission to this course is limited to those students who have been granted a research scholarship by the Japanese government and who will study at one of the universities in the Tohoku region.

6. Others

In addition to the programs mentioned above, the faculties and divisions of the graduate school may accept Credited Auditor and Auditor. However few international students have thus far been admitted to the university under these statuses.