VISA / Housing

Long Stay (More than 3 months)

VISA / Housing

Tohoku University International Support Office "TU Support" will conduct you the procedure.

International Support Office "TU Support"

Short Stay (Less than 3 months)


There are countries and areas whose residents are not required to have a visa if their stay in Japan is for less than three months and they are not engaging in an activity in which compensation will be awarded.

The list of countries and areas with visa exemption

If your country is not one of those exempted countries, see "Visa procedures for a short stay"

Visa procedures for a short stay


For students staying less than 3 months, the university does not provide dormitories like those for international students. You will have to use a private apartment or a hotel during your stay.

Urban Castle

Guest Houses and Youth Hostels can be found on the Internet by using keywords such as "Youth Hostel" "Guest House" and "Sendai". Tohoku University is not responsible for vacancies, fees etc.

Please take the responsibility to search by yourself.

Sendai City Hotels (For Short Stays)