【Important】Formalities for entrance for first-year student, transfer, next grade on April 2020

Concerning the Coronavirus infection matter, we’ve decided to cancel the admission procedure on 11th March Wednesday 2020.  We handle it below.


1, Submission Deadline must be in by 16th March Monday 2020.
*Post Student number on GSIS website on 6th March Friday 2020 at 5PM. Please be sure to check.


2, Submission method
 Please send it to the address below
 Avoiding spread of the Coronavirus infection, to whom it may concern, students(Including internal student).

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.


Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku Univerisity 
6-3-09 Aoba,Aramaki-aza Aoba-ku,Sendai,Miyagi,Japan
Phone: 022-795-5814
E-mail: is-kyom(at)grp.tohoku.ac.jp


If you don’t complete the procedure, we’ll be considered declined admission.