Tohoku Univ. University House / International House Application Guide for April, 2022

Application Deadline:GSIS Educational Affairs Section January 18, 2022

We are now accepting applications from international students for the university dormitory 2022 April period.
Please fill out the application forms and submit them to the GSIS Educational Affairs Section by Tuesday, the 18th of January.


For those who have reserved a room by the past applications (2021 April and October periods), they should contact the Educational Affairs Section if they could not move in by September 2022.
In case they could move in by September 2022, we will complete the procedure with the additional document that confirms the date of their entry into Japan (the page in their passport that shows the date of their entry).


In addition, if the government's restrictions on entry continue beyond April 2022, there will be a possibility of cancelation of the permission for those who are living abroad at that time include those who have reserved a room by the past application periods (2021 April and October periods).