Special Issue:
20years of RIEC Cooperative Research Projects in Vision Science Lab


Dear Colleagues,
This special issue is dedicated to reporting and archiving the research outcomes of "RIEC Cooperative Research Projects" conducted by the Visual Cognition and Systems Lab (Vision Science Lab in short) at Tohoku University over its 20-year history. We, Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, propose that researchers who have collaborated with the Vision Science Lab on RIEC Cooperative Research Projects share their results in this special issue.

Submission Deadline

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 March 2024


The Research Institute of Electrical Communication (RIEC) at Tohoku University, recognized as a Center of Excellence in the domain of information and communications, has consistently made efforts to disseminate its findings to the public. To promote growth among researchers, it has worked with researchers from other institutes, leading projects called RIEC Cooperative Research Projects. The each collaboration of the projects was typically conducted collaboratively between researchers affiliated with external institutions and researchers of RIEC.

The Vision Science Lab at RIEC, with 20 years of operational history, has overseen numerous RIEC Cooperative Research Projects under the leadership of Professor Shioiri. Given that Professor Shioiri is set to retire in 2024, now is a right time to collect and share these research achievements with a wider audience. Therefore, this special issue is dedicated to showcasing the research outcomes from the RIEC Cooperative Research Projects in association with the Vision Science Lab.

Submission Information

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